Wednesday, June 10, 2009

mini gallery

Attached to the side of the front page is a link to the etsy site that I have. I am unsure that this site is a great route for me but I am trying it for now. I am also working on my own website through square space that I will have control over but with great power comes great responsibility!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


My sister called me up and asked me if I would donate something for her son's auction fundraiser...
Heck yeah I would! What a great opportunity to support this great school in Seattle, Wa. Check it out...
I made a necklace with sterling silver infinity symbols and grey, white and peacock pearls. I like the matching earrings too! I am going to try a different design and try to attach the pearls directly to the figure 8 design. It was fun using my bench block and chasing hammer to create these links. It felt good to be using symbols like this and creating new links... I really got into it.
I thank Elizabeth for inspiring new ideas. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

things are going well?

I have been selling my earrings at a great shop called JT's Island Grill and Gallery. It is a coffee shop/gift shop on Chokoloskee, Florida. They have really been well received. Rebecca has asked for another batch of earrings and I am making more in a few minutes.
I am going to go to Islamorada in a few weeks to do a show for Ella, . I think I have found some good sails for her. I hope that the folks I have contacted will be willing to donate the sails. I also hope that she can use them and it is not a waste of postage.
I will get my camera up and running and post a few photos after I make some new earrings!

Friday, January 16, 2009

online store

somehow my hyperlink did not make it on the last post? here is a link to the online store for C'est la Bead.


I am really excited as I have been selling my wares at a local shop called Jt's and have been selling here on the island and have had a few hits on my online shop. This is really fun! Sharing my items with other folks. Thanks for all the encouragement and support. Check out the online shop...

have a great day!