Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

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Happy Mothers Day to my mom, your mom and all moms!  I got an order for 2 pairs of earrings yesterday from this super great guy named Greg! He was working on  C'est la Vie when I excitedly told Jeff that someone had redeemed another gift certificate.  Greg saw what I had made and asked for 2 pairs for his mom and his girlfriend's mom.  What a catch this guy is!
So, I made him 6 pairs to choose from and sent him on his way.  Above is some photos of the work.  Yes, they are all for sale.  This style is $25.00 all in sterling silver and all have natural gemstones.  Enjoy and have a happy day!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

All play no work!

So, I have not been busy with work or with creating for the last month. I was playing. I was having a blast with my family that came in for a long visit. First of the month was spent with the inlaws and the second have the month with my extended family. Mom came in for a 10 day visit from Africa where she and my step-father are in the Peace Corps, sister and nephews from Seattle, Uncle and Aunt from New Hampshire.  It was a fantastic visit.  My Grandmother turned 89 and we all celebrated her birthday together.
During this vacation I got my hair cut on Marco Island and it was a fantastic experience.  I went to Skin renewal systems to get my hair cut.  I know the name does not fit the deed but I had the best hair cut and was treated so well. The next day mom and I went in for pedicures. They are not set up with chairs next to each other so we were in our own room one chair and we chatted with each other.  Sherry the wonderful woman who worked with us suggested a few places to show my work and she said she liked the earrings I was wearing. That was an awesome out of the blue compliment!  I have been really inspired to make new things and this is the week to do it!
I am going in to get my business license and make C'est la Bead official.  I am not sure about creating a website, I don't know if I am that savvy.  I enjoy the blog and have been fueled by the response.
Hope all is well with everyone and thanks again for your support!