Sunday, July 6, 2008

Green Turtle Cay

Hello all! Jeff and I have spent the last few days hopping among Green Turtle Cay, No Name Cay and Munjack. We really like all they have to offer. Green Turtle is a tourist destination with grocery stores, read $5.00 for a head of broccoli!, bars, restaurants and museums. The houses mostly one story built in the 1800’s to early 1900’s are great. They are painted in such fun tropical pastel colors with picket fences and little court yards. They remind me of Beaufort, except for the colors. The Cay (pronounced key) is home to many golf carts and the streets are made for them but there are also cars. Where they find fuel for them is unknown. We are here in the Abacos for race week. We watched the start of the regatta 2 days ago and we have been enjoying many free drinks and dock parties. There was one at the harbor 2 nights ago and it was great. They were giving the prizes for the first race and a local bar supplied all the rum drinks and beers. It ended with a Junkanoo parade and I wish that KShon was there to enjoy the drumming. It was amazing. Lots of cowbell, I love the cowbell. I have had an opportunity on a few rainy afternoons (it is the rainy season) to put together a few things. See below!
peridot and pearl on 14k gold ear wire.
Carnelian, moonstone, bali silver and lace agate necklace.
Turquoise, lapis, coral, moonstone and bali silver hand knotted.
Green Chalcedony, yellow jade, bali silver and lemon burmese jade.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bahamas Bound

Wow, this has been an amazing trip. I was able to find so many beautiful shells on Powell Cay an area between Spanish Cay and Green Turtle Cay. There is a big party tomorrow to kick off regatta week and I will be snorkeling and looking for more beauties! I have made a lovely coral, turquoise and lapis knotted necklace with matching earrings, a green chalcedony and yellow jade necklace with matching earrings and a great big lacy agate and carnelian necklace no matching earrings. I will hope to get some photos soon but I am just so thankful for the bit of Internet that I have. I am here on Munjack Cay and there is a house on the island that has an open wifi network that has great speed. All of us in the anchorage have access to it and the folks are not even there! They keep it on for all the cruisers. So cool!
Thanks to all the well wishes on my birthday and such support from home. I really couldn't do this without all of you!