Sunday, April 27, 2008

An eclectic mix

This yellow number is made up round citrine beads, rondell white topaz, and rutilated quartz. To finish it I used silver Bali beads and a silver toggle clasp. It measures 20 inches.
This coral and fresh water potato pearl necklace is big and chunky. It measures 18 inches and is finished with a toggle clasp. I love this with a tee shirt and jeans or with a LBD (little black dress). It feels like Jackie O.
I have been working on mixing different colors together. My favorite is hot pink and orange. I love blue, white and yellow together and lime green and blue. I have not found the right combo of stones to make that happen but was thinking carnelian and citrine, turquoise and peridot...different combinations make it fun. Experimenting with the hues of coral have been great. This necklace has a coral focal bead, round sponge coral beads, fresh water pearls and red clay beads. Mom made this one on her visit to Marco Island. You go girl!

This necklace is a mix of hand blown glass beads, lamp work glass beads and colorful faceted Czech glass beads.

A few more to add to the knotty collection

These necklaces are hand knotted on silk thread. I know that I have said this before but, THANK YOU TRISH!!! for teaching me this technique. I am sure having fun. The knotting not only makes the necklace more flexible but if you choose the right color it can blend and not be noticed or it stands out as if there was another bead there. Below are a few examples of what I have been working on, enjoy.
I used black freshwater pearls and white freshwater pearls. The frog is a 24 karat creation from Peru. This is a gift to my mother. She gave me the frogs to use. I have a few more. Any ideas?
This is one of my favorites. Not a great photo but I will work on my skills. Here we have smoky topaz, square and rondell garnets mixed with black freshwater pearls. The topaz on the side and funky and not your common focal bead. This measures 22 inches.
The blues...Afghan lapis, oval and rondell Brazilian aquamarine and 3 round iolite. This is really pretty and measures 22 inches. $50.00
A favored combination of mine, carnelian and turquoise. Fresh water pearls, silver Bali beads, turquoise, fire opals and a barrel of carnelian. The toggle clasp is sterling with a carnelian bead.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

necklaces galore

This is a favorite of mine, sterling clasp, lace agate focal bead, yellow opal beads, carnelian, rutilated quartz, fire opals and yellow pearls. I believe it is an overall length of 22 inches. I have a price tag on it . I don't know how I am going to set up to sell the jewelry but that will come. Please click on the photos to see them in a larger window!

Below is an example of the knotting using silk thread. Trish taught me to do this during her winter stay here on the island. I used Brazilian aquamarine in round, rondell and teardrop with a silver tab clasp. It really sparkles in the light. I will measure but I think it is about 18 inches
The next one is really fun. It is made of smokey topaz, white topaz and watermelon tourmaline. It lays on the neck perfectly. It is also about 18 inches.


Here is some recent work

I have been busy the last few weeks. I had the opportunity to visit with my sister in Seattle. There was a great Green Festival happening that I was fortunate enough to attend. My friend Ella has a fantastic company, visit her website to see all the great work she is doing. She was featured not only on the news but also in the local papers. Very cool!
My sister liked the necklaces that I have made thus far and she has even offered to bring them to her ladies poker evening. What a fantastic compliment.
I came back to Florida with my mom and visited for nearly 2 weeks! What a great visit. We stayed with the Grandparents. We worked on a few projects. I taught my mom how to knot using silk and she really excelled. I will attach some photos to this post and the next will hopefully will be all photos.
Thanks for all of your support!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Jewelry inspired by adventure.

I am making necklaces and bracelets while traveling on my 34 ft Morgan. We will be traveling up the coast of the US for the summer. Starting in South Florida and ending in Maine. We will see where we go and how much creativity happens! I am excited to share this with all of you!